Excellent talents are the foundation for achieving corporate strategic goals and the driving force for sustainable development of the company. The company adopts scientific talent cultivation methods, effective incentive mechanisms A fair competition platform, broad career development space, and the recruitment of talented individuals. And on the basis of respecting the talent development and training concept of "the sea embraces all rivers, gathers essence, and focuses on training, and talent is the responsibility", Strive to create a sense of belonging atmosphere for employees. We believe that 'employees who excel in their job duties are the wealth of the company', and 'employees who are able to continuously provide their own feasible opinions and insights will be the company's innovation The guarantee of development power. Daffy hopes to provide a good development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management and the "people-oriented" management concept, and strive to achieve common development and progress between employees and the enterprise; At the same time, I hope more people can witness the growth and development of Daffy!


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