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DIFITE (SIP) Company founded in Dec. 8th.2008,located SIP SUZHOU. DIFITE focus on high performance of filter design, manufacture, saling and technical service. Products contains fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, CCV, CNG/LNG filter and urea filter which can meet Euro Ⅴ/VI emission standards. DIFITE is successfully to be DELHPI’s global partner in Oct. 2010, absorb DELPHI’s advance filter development and manufacture ability, starting to supply to OEM customers in 2011. Currently, DIFITE Product series apply a variety of Vehicle, like SUV, Light truck, Heavy truck, Off-Road Vehicle and so on. Main customers FAW, CNHTC, DONGFENG, SANY, JCB, JMC, SAIC , ISUZU, Yunei, Great Wall, Yuchai , BAIC , FORD and so on.


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Address:No. 22, Tongsheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Phone:+86(512)69363792   Mail:yongjuan.shen@difite.com

Fax:+86(512)69363770   Service hotline:400-862-0711

WhatsApp:+86 15151514284

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